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September 24, 2005

Soda is Evil!!

I have lost 4 pounds just by not drinking soda! Soda is evil!

I gave up soda a long time ago! Only water. I LOVED water! Then, in June when I went on vacation, for some reason, I started drinking it again. I think because it was in my moms house and water was not easily accessible unless I wanted nasty Chicago faucet water...which was not happening!

So, the past couple of weeks, I have only had water! Total soda detox! I hate the thought of wasting calories on soda when I can use those toward something chocolate or alcohol! :-)

But seriously, I haven't changed my diet much. Hell, I've been so stressed that I've had any chocolate that has come within sight. M&Ms may be the death of me!

But despite all of that, water only for this girl!

And a side note for others that don't keep track of their water intake...

...if you go to Sonic and get their 44 oz cup of water, you get almost all the water you need in the day, it stays cold in their cups (and doesn't sweat) and you get the cool crushed ice! It's a morning routine for me now!

Soda is evil!!

Posted by Sissy at September 24, 2005 08:39 PM | TrackBack

There's always diet sodas too :P

Posted by: S at September 27, 2005 01:50 AM