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May 21, 2006

Sleepless Saturday Night

Angel knocked on my door this morning at about 3:30 am. She told me the dogs were going ballistic and that she heard voices outside. In my sleepy stupor, I asked if she could see anything. I guess everything was alright because I feel back asleep and she didn't end up coming to get me.

I was supposed to go see a friend in San Diego tonight. For some reason, I just wasn't up for making the trip, so I cancelled. Then, me and a couple others were going to go see Thunder from Down Under at the casino. Those plans fell through. Angel went to Phoenix to see some friends, so I am home alone.

This is a fairly big house. So every time the dogs bark or every time I hear a noise, I sit in silence for a moment for what else I might hear.

So, here's to every light outside being on, to every door lock triple checked, TV to keep my mind off the noises and the dogs sleeping in my room tonight!

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