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June 01, 2006

Bustin' Out

About of year ago, I found these linen/cotton Capri's pants for $5. Very comfy, cute, etc. Great bargain!

As they started to fade, they turned into more around the house Capri's. And then work out gear.

They've gotten to the point to where I can take them off without unbuttoning/unzipping. That always makes a girl feel good! I had noticed they were getting pretty worn out, but they were just for working out.

So the other day, as Angel and I are coming out of the gym, I go to get in the car and all of a sudden I hear "riiiiiiip" and feel my ass against the leather seats! As I sit there in silence for a second, trying to figure out what happened, an old guy comes up to the car and says, "You ladies have been working out, let me take care of the door for you" and starts to shut my car door while I put on a shocking smile hoping he didn't see anything.

When we got home, I followed Angel into the house, as my ass hanging out the back of my pants is something no one needs to see! And as I changed, I was bummed that my $5 pants were now worthless!

All I can think is at least it was a pair of pants that were too big and not too small!

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