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June 14, 2006


I got this via email and thought some of you might find interest in this:

Dear Lejeune Brat,

"BRATS: Our Journey Home" is now available on DVD at...

It's the first-ever documentary about us -- about growing up "BRAT" -- and how that has profoundly shaped our lives and our struggle to belong.
Help us spread the word.

I'm Tim Wurtz, Ankara American High School class of 1969. I co-produced
"BRATS: Our Journey Home." It's written and directed by Army Brat Donna Musil and narrated by Air Force Brat Kris Kristofferson. We need your support to let other Brats know about this movie. Here's what people are saying...

"I saw this beautiful film at the Newport Beach Film Festival... it is very, very well made and is a must for each and every person who ever lived under these circumstances... this is not an easy topic... the filmmakers have done an excellent job of laying out the major issues... we should all support this film in the most aggressive way possible..."
-John Hardy, Air Force Brat, London Central '66 - Producer, "Sex, Lies and Videotape" "Erin Brokovich" "Ocean's 11" "Ocean's 12"...

"Thanks for letting us become validated. You're doing a tremendous service and will touch lives you don't even know about for years to come."
-Liz Cain, Brat, Bitburg American High School

"I can't believe the changes in my life it's brought about already."
-Ginger Cole Turner, DOD teacher's daughter

"I am completely overwhelmed. I thought I had covered this waterfront both intellectually and emotionally, but how wrong I was. I was sobbing."
-Sarah Bird, Military Brat, author, "The Yokota Officers Club"

Watch this movie and help us inform BRAT NATION. Please forward this e-mail to every brat you know, including your brothers and sisters, and to the parents of every brat you know.

Visit the web site -

Festivals and screenings: [I deleted this for space, you can see it at their website]

Thank-you for your support.

This looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

And I have to share the quote on their website by my favorite author, Pat Conroy:

As author and Marine Corps brat Pat Conroy says so eloquently in his introduction to Mary Wertsch's book, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress:

I thought I was singular in all this, one of a kind. From Mary's book I discover that I speak in the multitongued, deep-throated voice of my tribe. ...[I]t's a language I was not even aware I spoke... a secret family I did not know I had. ... Military brats, my lost tribe, spent their entire youth in service to this country, and no one even knew we were there.

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I'm pretty sure that Navy Brat is the same. The life ofa military brat in general... what a different life we led.

Posted by: Bou at June 15, 2006 11:11 AM

Damn... I saw "Brats," and thought you'd found some kick ass bratwurst...

Now I'm hungry...

Posted by: that 1 guy at June 15, 2006 05:37 PM