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June 13, 2006

Could They Get It Right?

A couple of months ago, I was offered a Sam's Club Credit Card while in the check out at Sam's Club. It was a good interest rate and I thought it would be good for work since I could just expense the purchases and pay it off, so I accepted. They gave me the card right there in the store, it was very easy.

I made a couple of purchases, mainly gas since it's cheaper at Sam's Club. I waited for a bill, and nothing. I could never remember the exact date I got it, but felt it should be about time I got a bill. I tried to log in online, and it wouldn't accept my account number. I tried to call, but every time I did, they were closed. I did everything but go in the store, and that was just because I could never get time, or when I was in there, it was full of snow birds.

So finally, about 6 weeks later, I receive a bill with the numbers of my address all inverted. I brought the bill into the store and told them what was going on. They got me on the phone with someone that could fix the issue, and they did. Because of the date, I told the lady I would go ahead and pay the bill, now of which was past due, and the next bill that wasn't due for another 2 weeks. This was on May 6th.

Then I get a phone call today letting me know that I was past due. I asked them how that was and explained how I made two payments at the store and shouldn't owe anything until July 1st. The lady didn't know why, but also couldn't help me. I also asked when I should be getting a bill, and she explained that the first two went to the wrong address, but that the next one should actually show up. Fine!

Today, I receive a bill with the correct address with a $25 late charge and showing I'm 2 payments due. Bull shit! So I promptly called up and one of the options is to press something to cancel the account. Bingo! So I press cancel, never wanting to deal with this shit again, and it of course gets me straight to a representative. I told her why I wanted to cancel, and she said, "Ok, no problem. I'll go ahead and take care of that for you." Not that I wasn't happy she didn't bring all the lame reasons to stay, but I was surprised. She then asked if there was anything else she could do to help me. I said yes, let me talk to someone that can get rid of this $25 late charge since you all couldn't get me a bill out and seem to think I'm late even though I made two payments in the store. She said, "No problem, let me go ahead and waive that fee for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Um, nope, you've been helpful, thanks!

Okay, so I'm still in shock a little bit. First of all, it seemed way too easy to get that fixed and taken care of...especially getting the fee waived. Secondly, I feel like an ass. Being in the customer service field, it usually takes me a lot to get even remotely snippy or aggressive. But I started out that way on this phone call....probably partially because I felt it was going to be a battle to get this taken care of in the first place, and probably because my day was just shit anyway! So now, I was snippy with her, and she didn't deserve it. I wasn't snippy enough to be a bitch, but I was snippy enough for her to think I was.

Now I'm just shocked it's all taken care of. Could something have actually gone right?

But I won't considerate fully taken care of until I get a bill showing it's closed and the fee was waived. And that's IF I get a bill!

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