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September 07, 2006

Just a Little Consistency

For the most part, I actually like the Kansas City Airport. I like that there are 3 separated terminals, I like that there is separate security for each 5 gates and separate baggage claim areas. Makes things simple and less hectic.

I especially like the free Wi-Fi. you can never go wrong with that.

It is out in the middle of nowhere and takes me 30 minutes to get to Overland Park, but I can even live with that.

But how about a little consistency amongst airports? Before going through security, I stopped by the news stand to get some magazines and a water. I know the rules of what I can and cannot bring on board. I don't push it, I don't argue. I deal with it.

So I go through security and they request a bag check on my container which holds my shoes, purse and purchase.

I am told I cannot have my drink. I apologized and told him I thought I could have it as long as I drank it before I got on the plane. So there's $2 down the drain.

But the thing is, I wouldn't have thought that unless I was allowed at every other airport I've been to. problem. I was chugging water all the way up until I boarded. ATL, again, no problem.

LAX, I was screened before going on board by some pretty cute Army dudes (they were Marines, but not bad). ATL, I wasn't screened before hand so to be honest, they probably wouldn't have known if I brought a water or something in my bag that I purchased after security. I wouldn't do that....but the possibility is there. Hell, I forgot that I had lip gloss in my purse and it got through security.

Makes me a little upset that I threw away my lotion, toothpaste and mascara before I got to the airport just because I didn't want to check my luggage. (Note, mascara was old and empty...I wasn't being wasteful).

Oh well, back to consistency. I would expect if any airport was going to be more strict on restrictions, it would be the ones like LAX and ATL. But no, it's this little airport out in the middle of nowhere.

Posted by Sissy at September 7, 2006 06:18 PM | TrackBack

I know - it's all so confusing. I just wait til I get past security and then get what I want. The problem is that, other than ATL I have to go in and out if I want a cigarette. THAT causes a problem....

If they can't be consistent we'll have to do it for them....

(OH, and LAX has cute security guys at the gate? Hmmmm - wonder if I one of my accounts out there needs my attention. ;-)

Posted by: Tammmi at September 8, 2006 01:35 PM

KC has always been a little different. I used to sit outside the gate until about 30 min before.

Posted by: Morrigan at September 8, 2006 02:47 PM