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September 08, 2006

Dog IBS?

I think Kiki has IBS.

Whenever I took Kiki to the kennel before I would go on trips, she'd be fine. She'd shake just like any Chihuahua does, but would still go to the employee and would be loving.

My parents didn't have any issues in Arizona either when bringing her to the kennel.

But in Kentucky, it's another story. When they take her there, she shits right on the floor of the lobby. She never does that. She is trained! She's done that the past couple of times they've taken her there.

This time they tried another place, and she shit and snapped at another dog. That is so not like her!!

So we are thinking the 1st place they took her to in Kentucky must have done something to her. I try not to think about it, otherwise I get too pissed off.

So we are hoping the one she went to today will treat her well and she'll get over this.

My parents are leaving for 2 weeks in October and I already said she'll stay with me.

I don't think I'm getting her back. Their Golden Retriever has bonded with her so much that he freaks out when she's not there.

It just kills me!

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