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September 17, 2006

Palm Reading

This was kind of fun...

Palm Reading

First let's take a look at your Life Line. You have the best kind of Life Line, long and clearly marked. This shows that you will possess good health, vitality and a very nice life expectancy. The wide swooping motion of your Life Line indicates strength, enthusiasm and an improved love life. The little lines you see extending upward from your Life Line are representative of your ability to recuperate.

Now let's see what your Head Line had to say. Your Head Line is deep, long and straight, stretching across the palm. This indicates a logical and direct way of thinking. The straighter the line, the more realistic the thinking, and the deeper the line, the better the memory. Your Head Line is short, which tends to show a tendency towards 'physical' thinking rather than reflection. You may be impulsive. If your Head Line is forked near the middle of your palm, it shows an important new interest. If it is forked at the end, it shows a descent into second childhood. Having your Head Line and Heart Line separated shows a love for adventure and an enthusiasm for life.

The last line we'll look at is your Heart Line. A selfish and materialistic look at love is characteristic to those like you whose Heart Line start below the middle finger. A long Heart Line like yours, running almost all the way across the palm, represents an idealist in love. In love you tend to look for those whose status rises above your own, and you have a great respect for them. Your double Heart Line shows that you are protected by someone who loves you. The small lines you may see extending upward from your Heart Line are a good sign, as they illustrate happiness in love. Those little lines you see running downward from your Heart Line indicate disappointments in love.

You have a spade-shaped hand. This is the hand of an inventor. You are probably very good with all things mechanical. Often those who've forged new paths in science and engineering have a spade-shaped hand. Women who have this type of hand enjoy do-it-yourself projects (decorating and sewing). It also gives these women a manual dexterity greater than most men have.

Not sure about the spade-shaped hand thing, but interesting.

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