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March 13, 2007

Girls Weekend

I have to say, I had one of the best weekends this past weekend with my girls Morrigan and Napster. Monday came way too soon.

It started off with a road trip with Morrigan to Columbia to Napster and Spurs place. I love a good road trip, even one as boring to Columbia. Who needs a radio when you've got Morrigan cracking you up in the seat next to you? The best talks always seem to happen in the car.

I prepared my burritos and some pico de gallo to have Friday night at the home of Spurs and Napster. They seemed to go over well, no one ended up with food poisoning. I held Spurs hostage until he made his famous tacos. You know I love some Mexican food and have had some of the best...but this man makes the best damn tacos ever!

Of course there was plenty of drinking. I think you might as well have put a Red Bull IV in me. Plenty of red bull of vodka. Morrigan was a dancing queen showing both Spurs and Napster her moves. I got my ass kicked on my own Wii. We all boxed, bowled and played a little baseball. I'm still waiting for someone to throw the remote through the's bound to happen...we get so into it. We had some great music playing along with some Spurs drum solos to some classic Journey. It was a blast.

And what is a night of drinking with these three without bacon the next morning. Spurs' bacon and Napster's french toast. Yummy!

We then made the drive to Charleston. We were concerned about the weather as they were forecasting rain all week. We got there and it was absolutely beautiful. We checked in and did a little shopping down King St. I just liked walking down the street on such a beautiful day. It was great. Afterward, it was time for our massages. Well needed at that.

So we are waiting to be called in and 3 people come out. Two guys and a girl. One guy was a bit short, one was hot in an "earthy crunchy" way, and then the woman looked like she could beat the ever living crap out of you. If you've read this blog before, you would know that of course, I get Helga. What's even more funny is she didn't beat me down at all. She seemed like she was petting an animal at the zoo or something. My little sister gives harder massages. Oh well. All I could do was hope that Morrigan and Napster's were better.

We went back to the room to get ready for our night out. We ended up at an Irish Pub at about 7:00 pm. They had a great little group up there playing some Irish tunes and playing some popular songs with an Irish twist. We closed down the bar and had made some friends by the end of the evening. We even made friends on the walk back to the hotel when we couldn't find a cab. I am telling you, Morrigan and Napster can make friends with anyone. I was just along for the ride!

We got to the hotel at about 3:30, got in the elevator with two guys from the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. One floor up, all the lights on the buttons went out, and we were stuck. Of course, Morrigan made friends with the two guys in the elevator, Napster was starting to flip just a tad, and I was consciously trying to stay calm. Come on, I was drunk and stuck on an elevator in a hotel from the 20's. Looking back, it was quite funny. We were even taking pictures on the elevator. By the time they got someone to us, we were sitting on the floor chillin'. Thirty minutes we were stuck in that elevator. So of course, when we got back to the room, we were a little punchy. I couldn't stop laughing. Everything Morrigan and Napster said, I would laugh. Morrigan finally had to say, "Okay, we are going to sleep now". It was all just so fun.

The next day, Napster ended up being pretty sick. At the time we thought it was bronchitis, but found out later it was the flu. Morrigan had the Demi voice going with the night in a smoke filled bar and only 5 hours of sleep. We got Napster home and then Morrigan and I made our trip back to Atlanta. Let me tell you, the trip leaving Atlanta is a lot easier than the trip home.

When leaving Charleston, we picked up Sis #1 and Napster and Morrigan met my mom and stepdad quickly. I talked to my mom the next day and she said, "You looked just so happy. I wish I could see you that happy all the time. You had the biggest smile on your face." I must was just a fantastic weekend.

So thank you Napster and Morrigan for an absolutely great weekend! We must make it a tradition. Only next time, there will be a physical before hand and we all must have a clean bill of health. ;-)

Posted by Sissy at March 13, 2007 07:44 PM | TrackBack

Oh my gosh that was so much fun! "So, are you the Orchestra groupie?" LOL. It was a great time with fabulous food and even better company. Thanks for driving Sis...and letting us old hags sleep a bit.

Love ya- Mo

Posted by: Morrigan at March 13, 2007 11:02 PM

I am so stealing that recipe.
However, I think I'll brown the meat as opposed to scambling it...
I rule at bowling and the HR derby...

Posted by: spurs at March 14, 2007 05:45 PM

Yes, I am still alive believe it or not, I'm just awakening out of the flu and UTI coma I have been in all week. I did have a great time, I just wish I had been more healthy - thanks for the memories!!!

Posted by: Napster at March 15, 2007 03:49 PM