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July 24, 2005

Time Travel by Music

The first cassette tape I owned was Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual.

My second was Peter Cetera's Solitude/Solitaire.

This was the kind of music I was listening to when I was in elementary school. Seeing as Solitude/Solitaire was released in 1986, that would have made me 5.

The reason why I wanted this tape? The song Glory of Love from The Karate Kid II.

I can still remember all the lyrics to that whole album! But there was one song on there I absolutely loved.

I had my Launchcast Player going and Daddy's Girl by Peter Cetera came on.

Whoa! Talk about halting in my tracks! It was like an instant time machine back to being in my room listening to this tape, singing up a storm and playing with my Barbie Dream House (with elevator!). Too weird!

The lyrics are cool, so I thought I'd share them. I guess I've always been a daddy's girl.

When the sun goes down
and it's getting late
You say it's time for bed
She just takes her time
Acting like she never heard a word you said.

Little baby wanna hold you tight
She don't ever wanna say good night
She's a lover, she wanna be Daddy's Girl.

When the morning comes
And it's time to go start another day
She won't let you leave, and she does her best
To try to make you stay.

Pretty baby gonna start to cry
She don't ever wanna say good bye
She's a lover, she wanna be Daddy's Girl.

She don't ever wanna be without you.
Never have to worry she won't doubt you.
Then she puts her head upon your shoulder.
Says she'll marry you when she get older.

When the time has come, and she's old enough
To be on her own
She won't understand why you're feelin' sad
Cause she's leaving you all alone.

Little woman gonna make you cry
You don't ever wanna say good bye
She's a lady, she'll always be Daddy's Girl.

Little woman gonna break your heart
Gonna miss her when you're both apart
She's a lady, but she'll always be Daddy's Girl.
She'll always be Daddy's Girl...

And yes, I used to tell my dad I was going to marry him. He still reminds me of that sometimes when he thinks I'm growing up too fast.

On Launchcast now is Journey, one of my all time favorite bands! Looks like today is a day for some time travel!

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