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September 19, 2006

For Better or Worse

So with this whole turned 25 thing, it seems like there have been a lot of changes. I don't know if it's coincidental or comes with age. A lot of it has me laughing daily.

Obviously, with these past incidents, my ability to consume large amounts of alcohol, including tequila, has not been as impressive as they used to me. Oh trust me, I can put some away and have a good time, but not like I used to. I used to inhale shots and have drinks and no worry about hurling and wake up the next morning with no issues. My tolerance has...uh...not been as good.

However, on the plus side, my cooking has improved.!

Each meal I have made since I've been here has been my best. It's been shocking actually. Practice, more patience, call it what you will. But it's better. Better, I said...not good. Just better.

Then there are things like shows I use to watch when I was younger being on Nick at Nite. I used to watch old Lassie, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith shows on Nick at Nite. All black and white, all the definition of old, to me, at the time. If you were around for the original showings of these were old, to me, at that time.

But now, shows like Roseanne, Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Mad About You, Designing Women, etc., they are all on. These are all shows I used to watch (and still do at night when there's nothing else on). So, by my above definition....uh, I can't think it...

My decisions have been better. I make better decisions. Not great, but better. Man, have I made some stupid decisions in the past. And sometimes I still revert back to them. But not as frequently!

There's more. More pros, more cons. More better, more worse. But it has me laughing daily.

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