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October 23, 2006

Anchor Babies

I was talking to someone today that used to live in Yuma in the 70's. She started nursing at the hospital on Yuma. It seems nothing has changed. Still hot, still boring, still tons of snowbirds, still tons of illegal Mexicans.

She told me a story about a young Hispanic woman who came into the ER one day, saying in Spanish that she was having her baby. By law, they were required to examine her. She was only dilated 1 cm, so they put her in a cab back to Mexico, supposedly. Two hours later, she was in again, shouting in Spanish that she was having a baby. They checked her again, and she still was not ready to have the baby. They again put her in a cab back to Mexico, supposedly. This happen 2 other times when finally, the baby was ready to be delivered and they had to do it then.

Now, that baby is a US citizen and the mother is able to stay in the US as their guardian. Then when that kid turned 18, the mother was able to apply for citizenship. Between that child's birth and now, I'm sure there was a collection of family members that came to "visit” and money that was sent back "home".

Supposedly, there are pamphlets circulating in Mexico on the easiest way to get to stay in the US is to have an anchor baby.

My sister was born in Japan. And as much as I tease her that she is Japanese (the joys of being the oldest), she is an American.

I guess I always knew this existed, but never thought it through. What is the purpose of giving the child citizenship?

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