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February 25, 2007

Did You Turn Off the Stove?

Napster came to visit this weekend. She drove a total of 6 hours for a visit of less than 24 hours. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

As we were leaving my house to attend the estrogen fest, Napster did a quick check to be sure everything was secure and turned off.

Napster: Back door locked?

Sissy: Yep

Napster: Everything off?

Sissy: Yep

Napster: Stove off?

Sissy: Haha, I would have to use the stove to worry about it being off.

Let me preface this with the fact that I have only gotten a total of 16 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. So, I might not be thinking as clearly as usual. My actions seem to be without much thought or concentration.

This morning, I decided to fix a little breakfast. That would have been around 8:30 am. Eggs, turkey bacon and toast. I left the house a little before 1pm to go get a pedicure. Came back and was able to doze off for an hour. Around 4:30 I ran to the store for some sprite to settle my tummy. I returned home and went into the kitchen to pour the sprite and noticed it was extremely hot in there, but the heater wasn't on. I looked over at the stove to see the light on it and the burner on. Along with that, the bread bag was left open as well as well as the OJ left out. I may not use the stove much, but I certainly never leave food out.

Once I was through scolding myself, I laughed as I remembered Napster's question as to whether the stove was off. Perhaps I shouldn't have laughed at her!

Posted by Sissy at February 25, 2007 07:06 PM | TrackBack

Cooking with Mo's stove was a bit unsettling. Her stove and oven are gas! Every time I turned on the stove I'd hear this Poof! and nearly climb out of my skin.

Posted by: Bou at February 26, 2007 09:50 AM

heh. I love my gas stove!

Posted by: caltechgirl at February 26, 2007 04:37 PM

Hahahahaha! I know I'm a checker and I drive Spurs absolutely crazy when we leave the house together "Is the stove off, is everything unplugged, are the back sliding glass doors locked, did you lock the front door, are you sure you locked the front door?" See, sometimes all the checking comes in handy!

Posted by: Napster at February 26, 2007 07:00 PM

You mean to tell me you actually ATE something?

Now, if you get in a routine of having three squares a day it may not come as such a shock when you use an appliance to remember to turn it off. :-)

Ah, motherly nagging is such fun....

Posted by: h~ at February 26, 2007 08:53 PM

You are very lucky. That is a little scary!

The gas stove is still nerve racking to me too.

Posted by: Morrigan at February 26, 2007 08:54 PM

Whenever I go on vacation, I always wonder if the house will still be standing I get back.

Fortunately, the pets never use the stove, so we've been lucky.

However, I *do* suspect they've been using the DVD player...

Posted by: Harvey at February 27, 2007 11:47 AM

I can't tell you how much I loathe my electric stove. I so wish I had my gas stove back again... Oh well, conversion coming to my home sometime in the next 5 years whenever I get the time and ambition.

Now... did you turn off the stove? Just checking.

Posted by: Teresa at February 28, 2007 11:10 PM